Let's Go Dodgers... official opening for the LA DOdgers 2017. Written/produced/played by Buddy Gibbons.





BIG NEWS!!! I was asked to create the new music for the Los Angeles Dodgers 2017 season! I had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the business to create a few songs just for the Dodgers. You can hear them at the stadium, on the Jumbotron (where I make a very short cameo), on the Dodgers website, and on Dodgers promos on television. It's been a great time and I'm beyond excited!! 



Welcome to the new! It's been a few years since I've taken the time to build a new site, and I'm incredibly excited to have this new way to communicate with everyone! Check back regularly for updates, new pics, new music, new dates and new, well, EVERYTHING! 


See you again soon!


More big news!!! I'm now officially a member of the DW Drums family! I'm excited to be part of the greatest drum company on Earth. I've already gotten my first kit, and you can see that I'm basically a kid at Christmas in the unboxing video above. I know the vid is lo-fi, but I couldn't contain my joy!

DW Drums!!!!!

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